Monday, June 1, 2009

Editions Shiflet Mixtape 02: Boba Fett Erotica

Title taken from a quote (by Mr. James Kennedy) in reference to the art skills of friend, former roommate, and awesome illustrator Paul Hornschemeier. "Paul’s not some jackass sitting in his mother’s basement, drawing Boba Fett erotica." If only we could all say the same.

The ten tracks here are culled from 2001-2003, the era in which I graduated from the youthful and obnoxious indulgence that almost all noise-makers must first wade through (and isn't all that different from that which keeps the internet's fan art supply heartily stocked) and finally started to hone my own approach to working with sound. These were very important years for me and this collection represents the era well. As I managed to find a couple other gems while digging these out, there will likely be more to come.

01. George Washington's Wooden Heart
02. Second Thoughts (Excerpt)
03. (her) presence
04. January [Scenic Railroads]
05. High Freq. Interlude (BN remix) (Excerpt)
06. Being TV Pow is Funny (TV Pow remix)
07. Life, Death, Etc.
08. Example One
09. Remixed Rumors and Lies
10. Citrus [Scenic Railroads]

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  1. killer mix. i still have a crazy soft spot for those scenic tracks (and a sudden compulsion to watch some chappelle... oh, those days).


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