Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Scenic Railroads Plays David Tudor

OSU Urban Arts Space
Columbus, OH
Thursday, February 18
7:00 - 8:00

That would be the previously-mentioned event that has been taking up the bulk of my time. I am very eager to play the works of Cage & Cardew, something which even a year ago I probably would not have said or even imagined myself saying. I have gone from having almost no interest in performing graphic scores (despite enjoying the music culled from them more often than not) to being completely obsessed in the past few months. Mr. Joe Panzner & I have been really digging in for this one and it should be a great show.

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  1. Man, if the girlfriend and I weren't going to Chicago that day I would *absolutely* be at this, here's hoping we see some more Scenic Railroads Do Great Composers of the 20th Centure shows. Can't wait to hear how this goes!


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