Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Vinyls

My new Omnivores LP (Lost Treasures of the Underworld) and Burning Star Core's Papercuts Theater 2LP (No Quarter) (also available on CD) are both out now.

Copies of Omnivores can be obtained directly from myself for $15 ppd. USA, $20 international. Email/paypal: ms [at] gmby [dot] net

For Papercuts Theater, you are better off checking out the label directly or your favorite distributor. I am slated to get some copies (other than that one) soon, but I am not sure when or how many.

Appreciate the support as always, and I swear there is some more downloadable goodness right around the corner. Sorry for delays.

PS. Only 1/3 of the Omnivores records were pressed on clear vinyl. I will try to mail them out before the black copies, but no guarantees. There is also a ltd edition with handmade artwork by Columbus artist John Malta in the works if you want to hold out for really special copy.

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  1. yes! have been playing 'papercuts theater' yesterday and today. listening to it now, actually. really enjoying both this and omnivores.


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