Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nishikawa, Olive, Shiflet

Trio recordings from 2006-2007.
Mixed, edited, sequenced by Mr. Bunsho Nishikawa.

Tim Olive and Bunsho Nishikawa have an excellent long-standing duo and I was honored to join them for several recording sessions and concerts throughout my time in Japan. This collection represents just a small fraction of our output and the many hours we spent together.

The title refers to the amazing but sadly now-defunct venue on Osaka's south side (an eighth-floor establishment with a decrepit roller coaster beneath it) where we recorded and performed together.

4 tracks, 256 kbs, 59:15 playing time, 107.2 MB
ZIP file

A short sample:

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  1. Bunsho's always been awful when I've seen him.


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