Friday, July 30, 2010

Late Note About a Sunday Show with Nick Hennies

Apologies for the delayed notice. Been a hectic week to blog. Performing at this residential function on Sunday. Hit up the Facebook to RSVP, or if you're Facebook-less like myself, email me at ms -@- I will get you the info and make sure your presence is expected.

NICK HENNIES (with ryan jewell/mike shiflet, joe panzner)

august 1, 8:00 PM
house show (rsvp at ginandplatonic -@- or by FB PM for address/directions)

NICK HENNIES (percussion)

Nick Hennies is a percussionist and composer based in Austin, TX whose work is primarily concerned with redefining and repurposing the role of common percussion instruments through repetition, meditation, and immersion. He received... his M.A. from University of California-San Diego and then relocated to Austin where he performs with The Weird Weeds, the Austin New Music Co-op and as a soloist. For this performance he will be performing music from the forthcoming album Psalms (compositions by Hennies and well-known American composer Alvin Lucier) as well as a new work entitled “Objects”, inspired by the artist Tara Donovan. Much like Donovan’s recontextualization of mass produced materials, Hennies’ music creates a kind of jamais vu wherein seemingly familiar sounds become strange and new.

MIKE SHIFLET/RYAN JEWELL (electronics/percussion)

JOE PANZNER (computer)

8:00 PM/donations accepted.

please forward to all interested friends -- prompt RSVP greatly appreciated!!/event.php?eid=138427776178794&ref=mf

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