Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ohio / California Dates

Not many people can pull off the elusive Ohiofornia tour route, but I believe I'm up for the challenge. Next week I'll play three shows here in my lovely home state before hopping on a plane and heading west for three more in the Bay area and one down in LA. The relevant info follows.

Skylab :: Columbus, OH
w/Work/Death, Cowards, and Pharmakon
57 E. Gay St., 10pm(?)

Art Damage Lodge :: Cincinnati, OH
w/Noveller, unFact, Early Tunnels
4120 Hamilton Ave., 9pm

It Looks Like It's Open :: Columbus, OH
w/Noveller, unFact, Outer Space
13 E. Tulane (next to Cup O Joe), 8-10pm

Angie's Church :: Oakland, CA
w/Ben Bracken, Nerfbau, Take Up Serpents,
Lana Voronina, Charm & Strange

1629 8th St., 9pm

Bay Area 51 :: San Francisco, CA
w/Nucleardeathwish, Copy Lake,
Maryclare Brzytwa, Me & Frankie America

1667 Jerrold Ave., 6-10pm (Senior Citizen Special!)

Terminal :: Oakland, CA
Collaboration with Kenneth Atchley
w/Dave Phillips, Joe Colley, Jason Crumer, R. Jencks

3957 San Leandro Street

The Smell :: Los Angeles, CA
w/Dave Phillips, R. Jencks, Damion Romero, Moment Trigger
247 S. Main St.

I am excited about so many aspects of this trip... Two shows with Noveller, finally seeing Colley live, collaborating with Kenneth. I could go on and on. I'll be posting flyers and information on a couple potential radio appearances (assuming they get firmed up) in the next few days. Stay tuned. Hope to see you if you're in one of those fine locales.

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