Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Trickle

Here are some of the early reviews of Llanos. I've been assured there are at least a few more on the way, so expect a couple more posts along these lines.

Jesse Goin at Crow with no Mouth goes exceptionally deep, reviewing not only Llanos, but also my vinyl releases from this year. Of the new album he offers:
Llanos encompasses, as I have said, much of the musical territory preceding it, but in a markedly unitive and mature way. There is no separation, to these ears, between howling noise and gorgeous melody, between the nearly overwhelming force and forbearance of the sun, and the rising wisps of steam and fog of late summer. [...] Shiflet's fealty to the elements of noise is all the more striking, given the tendency of artists who report similar peak experiences toward overtly precious, treacly music.
Read the full review here.

Frans de Waard does his usual 'rant about what he doesn't like before ultimately recommending the album and saying it's pretty great' thing (see just about every review of anything I've released) in Vital Weekly:
Shiflet joins the ranks of the likes of Joe Colley, Francisco Meirino, Andy Orthmann and such alike. People will the roots in the world of noise, loud noise even, but whose work has drifted away from the distorted attacks of piercing sounds. Shiflet is a bit different from the others mentioned, it seems (I’m only assuming based upon this one release) that in these six pieces, his interest lies in the fact to produce ‘ongoing’ fields of sounds, and not one that is working with abrupt, cut-up/collage methods.
Read the full review here.

And Boomkat, who admittedly are trying to make a few pounds selling it, had this to say:
In quieter mode on 'Antrim' or the majestic title track he still deploys abrasive sounds but uses them to tenderise the more organic and melodic elements so they gently weep blood in the beautiful manner.
Read the full review here.

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