Friday, January 28, 2011

It's National. It's Public.

The NPR All Songs Considered blog has done a nice profile on yours truly. Here's a snippet:

What is llanos? Does it have anything to do with the sound or creation of the album?

The original title for the album was Pink Meadow, which I kept as a [song title] but felt was too generic for the album and thought might be too overbearing with cover art... a little obvious. I tried a few variations on the "field" theme, but none quite fit, and that has been done repeatedly by ambient and drone artists. But I somehow stumbled on the llanos, which is Spanish for grasslands or plains, and it felt right. Though there is apparently a specific geographic area in South America that uses it as its proper name, and some reviews have assumed that was what I had in mind.

Read the rest here.

Major thanks to Lars Gotrich for the excellent questions.

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