Friday, December 16, 2011

2011 Year-End Post II : 15 Records

… that aren’t my three favorite records but very nicely round out my 2011. In alphabetical order:

Thomas Ankersmit & Valerio Tricoli : Forma II
This analog/digital/acoustic monster of a collaboration paired an old favorite with a relatively new name, one I’d seen in liner notes, but never heard in such a distinguished form. Prefer the crackling pulsing tracks to the harmonic material, but it’s all good.

Destroyer : Kaputt
My least favorite Destroyer record in some time, still better than just about everything else.

Lawrence English : The Peregrine
Lawrence’s most fully realized record to date. It has the potential to pass Kiri No Oto as my favorite.

Tim Hecker : Ravedeath, 1972
Another Hecker record better than the one before it. Will this guy ever hit his ceiling? Only the strength of the competition kept this out of my top three.

Jesu : Ascension
I don't really know what qualifies as post-metal, but I see the term used to describe Jesu a lot. If it all sounded like this, it might be my favorite genre.

Christina Kubisch : Magnetic Flights
Kubisch takes her electromagnetic recording devices to the airport. One weird frequency sweep irks me about 10 minutes in, snaps me out of my zone every time – a complaint often leveled against my Ichinomiya CD, so I’m sympathetic - otherwise this one’s near perfect.

Liturgy : Aesthetica
All the reasons people hate this record are all the reasons I love it. Guilty as charged.

Sean McCann : Sincere World
I hadn’t heard Sean before this year. Luckily I have friends who know my tastes and made the recommendation. Excellent LP.

The Mountain Goats : All Eternals Deck
Full-band version of TMG finally fires on all cylinders. The production is tight, the Darnielle is the Darnielle.

Toshimaru Nakamura : maruto
The album most likely to cause physical discomfort (or comfort depending on what you’re into) here. The pseudo-hanko design on the cover makes it clear: Nakamura’s primary goal is to leave a permanent mark on your psyche.

Noveller : Glacial Glow
Is it possible to be anthemic and hypnotic at the same time? Apparently, yes.

Bill Orcutt : How The Thing Sings
How, indeed. Words fail me on this one.

A proper studio album from this duo would have been preferred, but the live sets here are a pretty excellent consolation prize.

Jozef Van Wissem : The Joy That Never Ends
I apparently have a fondness for the lute that I did not know about until this year.

Kurt Vile : Smoke Ring For My Halo
A more polished effort than I was expecting from Mr. Vile, but one that I found nearly irresistible regardless.

Here's audio from all fifteen of those clips being played at once:

Next week I’ll be back with Mon-Weds-Fri posts on my top three of the year.

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