Monday, March 5, 2012

Meditation, Feedback

I very much look forward to participating in and providing a soundtrack to the March installment of the Open Mediation Series at It Looks Like It's Open here in Columbus. I will meditate with the group during the first session and perform some resonant pieces during the second, feeding off of (and back into) the energy in the room. If you are interested, please stop by.

Open Mediation
Sunday, March 11
1:00 - 3:00
It Looks Like It's Open
13 East Tulane, 43202

We will begin with one 25min silent session, a short walking, and a second 25min sit with live sonic accompaniment. The intention is to create an atmosphere unlike a typical musical performance. Here, the emphasis will be on the somatic and cognitive experience of the participants. It will also not be a typical group meditation session. New and practiced meditators can explore the spaces their attention uncovers as waves of full spectrum sound textures roll over their consciousness.

Click here for the Facebook Event.

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