Monday, November 26, 2012

Zelphabet, Nature Seen

Two new releases:

Volume M of the Zelphabet series, in which the mighty G.X. Jupitter-Larsen is compiling noise artists and lumping them together zelphabetically, is out now. It features the fully realized version of Corrugated, which you may recall from this or this or this. It is a completely different beast than the versions presented on the Banned cassette. I'm honored to have it presented alongside a number of great tracks including two by my favorite Japanoise 'M' artists (nope, not those two): Koji Tano aka MSBR, who was a huge influence on and kind soul to me from the very beginning of my interest and involvement in this scene and Mayuko Hino, whose Mne-Mic album I consider to be the most criminally overlooked works in the genre. To share a disc with them is truly an honor.

 Available now on the Zelphabet site.

Nature Seen is a new tape I worked on over the summer focusing on raw and processed field recordings. If you caught any live performances in the past few months, odds are you heard one of these two tracks worked into the set. (A live performance of Waxwing can even be found on the Free Music Archive.) That track is inspired by the song of a favorite new bird, the cedar waxwing, and the other attempts to emulate the bustling insect activity around the popular (with them anyways) milkweed plant.

Available now from 905 Tapes

I'll have a few of each of these available soon, but am waiting until I have all the new releases, including copies of The Choir, The Army, to offer them all up at once.

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