Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Logging Road, February

Logging Road, February was recorded back in 2006 and unfortunately never saw official release. The label I sent it to lost their copy and my master disappeared in a hard drive crash. All that remains is this mp3 which I had posted on my FTP site when initially proposing the release to the label.

The "meat" of the track is pretty much laid out in the title. You hear me walking up a mountainside logging road a mile or so from our home (at the time) in rural Japan with two mics dangling near my feet; gravel crunch augmented by the occasional flowing water and chainsawing. The trek is supplemented by a second recording (done a few months later if I remember correctly) of fans blowing on acoustic guitar strings, creating sine wave-like overtones.

I'm really happy to finally get this out into the public arena. As one of very few non-electronic recordings I've made (and one of my favorite recordings from Japan) this one has been nestled away for too long. Enjoy.


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