Thursday, August 13, 2009


"I don't know about the Shiflet collab, just because I'm not a big fan of digitally created sound. I feel that computers are the realm of porn and video games and don't have much of a place in art. I have a hard time seeing how a pure expression of one's inner communication can be successfully navigated through a realm of 1's and 0's."

This was forwarded to me by a collaborator who is in the process of talking to labels. The name of the offender was withheld and I'm not particularly interested in finding it out; it just makes me smile and shake my head a bit. Rather than offer any kind of response, I'll just the words speak for themselves. Wow. 2009.


  1. No comment needed where that quote is concerned, its sort of the 21st c. version of "jazz is whorehouse music", Pops Armstrong's lamentable "that's Chinese music" (in reference to bebop, "free jazz is playing tennis without a net", ad nauseaum.

    Really liking Supreme Trading, and the Maya Deren project, Mike.

  2. it was probably Mark Solotroff.


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