Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Editions Shiflet Mixtape 03:
Abbreviated Epilogues

The tracks here were all recorded during my final few months in Japan. Three of them are excerpts from an extremely limited (made to order) 3-hour, 3-disc set called Shiso Epilogues. I've always wanted to make some of that material available to a larger audience without betraying those who supported me when ordering for the original set. I think this is a happy medium.

Two four-minute compilation tracks bookend the ten-minute Epilogues excerpts. As they were all recorded at roughly the same time, they make for a very cohesive album; one I could easily imagine myself putting together in Spring of 2007 had things gone differently.


01. The Stone and The Storm
02. Wide Valley Amp (Excerpt)
03. Homecoming Pulsewidth (Excerpt)
04. Sponic Transmitter (Excerpt)
05. The Shiso Mist

Download HERE

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