Monday, November 16, 2009

Editions Shiflet Mixtape 04:
Unkool Thing

ES Mix 04 is an odd collection of tracks. It begins with one of my favorites, "Do Yourself a Favor and Forget" from the split LP with Mykel Boyd. Released in an edition of 100, the LP track is actually the most widely available work included here. Also in the mix are some compilation tracks, an outtake from a forthcoming collaboration with Raglani, and material from Blanco Niño, my duo with Brent Gutzeit. Enjoy.

01. Do Yourself a Favor and Forget
02. For Talbot
03. Kintetsu
04. Collab Outtake [with Raglani]
05. Swords in the Sand/Bitches No More (Excerpts)
06. Blanco Niño Track 5 [Blanco Niño]
07. Haiku for Painted Black Windows (Excerpt)

Download HERE


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  2. Mike,
    Just finished listening to Cycles on 905 Tapes-good stuff! You might like some of my stuff at



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