Monday, November 23, 2009

Monolith Dream (Against Monoliths)

Last night I had a dream I was a sculptor. My works looked like little piles of post-apocalyptic waste with R2D2-like droid features poking out here and there. Whenever someone criticized or spoke about one of my works (in any way - negative or positive), either a small object would be added to the sculpture or an arrow would pierce, sometimes shatter, the work.

As a response to this, I constructed an Skyscraper-esque monolith that absorbed and destroyed all the critical and communal debris. The final image I remember is of a magnitude of arrows impotently clinging to the top of the structure, which for some reason was in the shape of a Spartan helmet.

This dream moved me quite a bit. For years I have been a proponent of the open interpretation of my work (often leaving what I considered key elements as intentionally hazy as possible) but have begun slowly moving to conceptual areas in which the thematic parameters are more defined. I hope that, despite this, there will still be room for middle ground in the creator-listener relationship and that I don't become too much of an audio dictator. I don't really want to build monoliths. I just have some things I need to say.

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