Saturday, December 19, 2009

Stalemate in Hand

After spending the better part of an hour idling in line at the Post Office, I was finally able to sign for and walk with a box full of Stalemate CDs. This collaboration with Daniel Menche was recorded in Spring of 2008 and has finally been released by the wonderful Sonoris label.

I have them for sale for $12 ppd. US / $15 ppd. World.
Paypal to ms [at]

I have plenty of copies, so if you want me to hold one until Grandma's Christmas check clears, that's fine by me. Just email me and I'll set a copy aside.


P.S. This is a bass-intensive affair. Subwoofers highly recommended.

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  1. this man is not kidding. subwoofer HIGHLY recommnended.


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