Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Editions Shiflet Mixtape 05:
Shadow Cruiser

Half of this mix is sourced from old, unreleased projects that will in all likelihood never see the light of day, An Ugliness from 2006 and Alley Lurker from 2007/8. Their label homes came and went and in hindsight I'm not sure they really warrant full release. In small doses, however, they are quite alright. The other tracks include two excerpts of soon-to-be-released cassettes, a live recording and an improvised rehearsal take.

Similar to ES Mix 03, the fact that several tracks have shared origins lends an extra bit more coherence.

01. They Don't Have the Heart to Tell You (excerpt)
02. Alley Lurker (one)
03. Leaves Turn Inside Me (excerpt)
04. 10.27.9
05. An Ugliness (remix)
06. An Arrogance (remix)
07. Rehearsal
08. Alley Lurker (two)

Download HERE

More (very) soon.

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