Thursday, March 24, 2011

Honeyed Crest CS on NNA Tapes

Another week, another cassette. Because NNA is so quick with the turnaround, this is not only my newest release but also my most recent recording. It's pretty rare when those coincide. The quote which I pulled the titles from sums it up better than anything I could say:

The noble ones praise the slaying of anger
-- with its honeyed crest & poison root --
for having killed it you do not grieve.

- Samyutta Nikaya II, 70

Sample below is from the b-side Poisoned Root.

Cassettes are avaialble for $7.00 ppd. US, $9.00 International.
Or you can pair it with either the Seagulls or Corrugated tapes for $10.00 US, $13.00 International.

Paypal / email to ms -@-

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