Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shiso Epilogues Download
for Japanese Earthquake Relief

Shiso Epilogues on Bandcamp

I uploaded the three-disc set I recorded as I prepared to leave Japan to my Bandcamp site yesterday. The set is available for a minimum $5.00 donation with all proceeds going to Shinji Masuko's Earthquake Relief Fund. Additionally, I will be matching as many donations as my checkbook will allow.

Please consider purchasing this. The people of Japan were so wonderful to my wife and I while we were there and I'd like to give back what little I can in their time of need.

Here's what I wrote on the Bandcamp page:

Three-disc set of introspective works recorded in 2007 as I prepared to end my two-year stay in Japan and return to the US.

Each disc featured a single track (ranging from 50 to 70 minutes) reflecting on various aspects of my time in Ichinomiya (Hyogo, Kansai).

Available now for a limited time with ALL PROCEEDS GOING TO SHNIJI MASUKO'S JAPANESE EARTHQUAKE RELIEF FUND. Additionally I will match as many of the donations as I can.

Support our Japanese brother and sisters, have your donation doubled, and get three hours of music to show for it. Onegaishimasu.

Shiso Epilogues on Bandcamp

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