Saturday, April 11, 2009

Editions Shiflet Mixtape 01: Strigiform Mystics

First in a series of mixes featuring a variety of tracks by yours truly (and a few friends). This one is inspired by recent owl obsession and the material ranges from 2005 to earlier this month. There are 2 compilation tracks, 2 excerpts from current recordings, 3 unreleased masters and 3 unreleased works-in-progress. Enjoy.

01. "How's Your Late 90's?" Excerpt (w/Brendan Murray)
02. Let Crushed Bones Rejoice
03. Supreme Trading Excerpt
04. Untitled Skeleton
05. Unreleased Duo with Mike Bernstein
06. Untitled Scenic Railroad Recording
07. MS Doom
08. (Rehearsal)
09. Version Belize
10. MS Doom (twice) Remixed

Download HERE


  1. This is probably the best idea ever.

  2. Mike, looking forward to hearing this mix.
    Pleasantly surprised to see you give Mountains props, a project I like and will see for free this week.
    As I said elsewhere, Operator Dead... is a mothafucka, glad Spencer pointed me to that one.
    Take care.


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