Thursday, April 30, 2009

Scenic Railroads, Live at ErstQuake 3
September 2006

photo by Yuko Zama

I remember quite a bit about our time in NYC the weekend of this festival - great duos by Phil Niblock/Jason Lescalleet & Aaron Dilloway/Lasse Marhaug stand out - but very little about my time on stage. The short list of things I do remember about this set:

• Very mixed reaction from the crowd
• My oscillator started smoking towards the end
• Christof Kurzmann enjoyed it

That said, it's one of the few live recordings I've enjoyed revisiting over time, perhaps due to the pretty stellar recording job done by Mr. Jesse Kudler.


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  1. heh... i don't remember being quite that pudgy- and pale-looking, that's for sure...


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