Friday, April 17, 2009

In the Queue, On Deck, Up Next, etc.

Here's a brief rundown of forthcoming releases. People tend to think I'm slow getting stuff out, but in reality there's quite a bit out there with labels and things should be seeing the light of day soon.

Masters sent off:
Omnivores LP on Lost Treasures of the Underworld
Supreme Trading [solo] 3" CDR on Dokuro
Supreme Trading [trio with B. Murray and B. Owen] MP3 on Compost and Height
Stalemate CD [collb with Daniel Menche] on
Gutter Divas CD on Dokuro
split 10" with Lorenzo Senni on Presto?!

In addition to those, I'm currently working on mixing and editing collaborations with Raglani and Ryan Jewell, a release for Carbon Records, and a stockpile of solo and Scenic Railroads material.

There's also one completed solo album I'm demoing around as it really needs to be done proper. Get in touch if you have a label and some interest.

[EDIT] I knew I forgot one. Add a digital reissue (pro CDR, I believe) of the Mykel Boyd/Mike Shiflet split 12" on Somnimage to that list.

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