Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Abstract

Apologies. It's been a minute since the last update. Here are two of the more unusual Llanos reviews.

Hallock Hill, whose unique take on the KFW split was previously posted here, is back with more:
On the other side of the river, at the base of the Palisades. A field of rock that has been stripped from its face forms a garden. One large rock is angled back away from the water towards the rock. From it the blue sky crisply breaks the jagged line of the top of the cliffs. Jet trail crosses. Behind, in the water, is an inverted boot, floating. To whom was it attached? And when?
Read the full review here.

George Bass at Coke Machine Glow refuses to be outdone, invoking the UFOs on a track review of Web Over Glen Echo:
The theory runs thus: after a flying saucer has passed overhead and finished abducting/drawing corn circles/being mistaken for SR-71 Blackbird planes, a fine fibrous residue collects on the ground, looking like a faint jelly cobweb. Sinisterly naming itself after a brand of luxury pasta, angel hair has been outsmarting the more open-minded conspiracists for years. Is it alien silk? Dandruff from heaven?
Read the full review here.

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