Thursday, December 16, 2010

Just Outside The Liminal

A few more Llanos reviews.

Brian Olewnick, possessor of two of the finest, most respected ears in the e.a.i. world, offers his musings at Just Outside:
Though divided into six tracks, I tend to hear "Llanos" as an enormous block of sound with a complex, sponge-like structure that allows for a huge amount of spatial/aural perceptive activity on the part of the listener
Read the full review here.

And in what is my favorite of the straightforward/standard format reviews thus far (right up there with Jesse Goin's feature), Tom Lecky at The Liminal really hits on a lot of what I was trying to convey:
Memory pervades the distorted, oscillating static: fragments of melodies behind the buzzing surface, memories from a past that is now present only in contorted form. Imagine looking at an album of photos of yourself in childhood through a cracked window smeared with grease. [...] This will cleanse you, but you’ll feel more like you do an hour after you left the mud puddle and were sitting on the tree stump
Read the full review here.

I'll have another post this evening with an album from the vaults.

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