Friday, December 31, 2010

Favorite E.S. Posts of 2010

Because, well, why not?

1. Amplified Tecate
Speaks for itself, this one.

2. Kudler & Shiflet Live on KUSF
My favorite bit of free audio from the year. Jesse kills it.

3. Sunday Afternoon
I listened to this drone on for about two hours before finally recording a few minutes for the blog.

4. So Many Seashells, So Much Porcelain
This track has always stuck with me. Nothing exceptional stands out, you can hear the beginning of the axis's shifting.

5. Theodore & John
Awesome men. Awesome words.

6. ((Noise) (5.12.10))
If you paid attention, it's pretty obvious where this eventually ended up, but the noise track itself is still quite a beast.

7. Nishikawa, Olive, Shiflet : Bridge
Osaka improv. Fun fact: as I had a several hour commute to Osaka, I would frequently listen to Love Me Two Times on my to meet up with Tim & Bunsho.

8. Joe Colley
I just love these photos.

9. Short Video from INC Columbus
First live version of Corrugated.

10. 2.4 Seconds for Christmas
Sneaking in at the last minute, Christmas eve audio.

Thanks for the continued support. All the best in 2011.

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