Tuesday, February 7, 2012

GMBY (ist (still) DEAD)

Or possibly deader?

If for any reason you punched gmby.net into your browser in the past few years the above message is what you saw, along with a note redirecting you to the archived site, now hosted at monumentaldocuments.com. Soon you won't even see that banner. I've opted not to renew the domain and it will expire in March. The archive will remain and both monumentaldocuments.com and michaelshiflet.com will stay up.

I wanted to give advance notice as there are still a few people who use my old ms@gmby.net email to contact me. That will obviously be disappearing along with the domain, so Gmail, Facebook, Twitter or this very blog will be the best ways to get in touch if you are one of those folks.

That is all. Dry your eyes and carry on.

Monday, February 6, 2012


Just a brief note that Under the Spire has posted a preview track from the forthcoming The Choir, The Army LP:

Happy Monday.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Before the world ends

In the next few weeks/months...

Merciless LP (Type)
The Choir, The Army LP (Under the Spire)
Forgotten Somewhere CS (Obsolete Units)
Split 12” with Pete Swanson (finalizing label details now)
Split CS with Joe Panzner (Rubber City Noise)

I also have a couple collaborations in the works that aren’t quite ready to be discussed publicly (but I am very excited about, one in particularly is in some very new terrain) and will begin working on my next full length shortly.

More soon.