Friday, April 30, 2010

Short Video from INC Columbus

The ladies of Noisebloid recently posted a sample of my set at the Columbus stop of the International Noise Conference.

Forced to forgo drone and laptop for the evening, I opted for a set of amplified cardboard.

It was both a lot of fun and a great auditory experience. I'll be recording at least one studio version of this in the not-to-distant future.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Omnivores Ltd. Art Edition
& Collab w/Ryan Jewell

The Omnivores ltd art edition (33 copies) by John Malta is now available. $28 ppd. ($33 international.) I'm really proud of how these came out. Malta went to town on them. Digital version of the album included, of course.

Also, hot of the (CDR) presses is the Hysteresis collaboration with Ryan Jewell on Carbon Records. 8 tracks, 35 minutes. It's a diverse mix of material drawn from snare, tape, electronics, laptop and guitar. 8 ppd. ($11 international.)

Available bundled for $33 ppd. or $38 international.

Email ms at gmby dot net for more info.

"Mental purification dressed in timbral infectivity."

Massimo Ricci at Touching Extremes has some kind words for Stalemate.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Omnivores MP3 Companion

I've put together a digital version of the Omnivores album for everyone who purchased/purchases a copy of the LP directly from myself or the label.

It features both LP tracks plus two related live performances, the original set used as a basis for the A-side of the LP and the in-store performance from the record release party.

01. Omnivores
02. Scene Destroyer
03. Omnivores Live (Skylab, Columbus, 07.27.08)
04. LP Release Show (Used Kids Records, Columbus, 03.23.10)

72 total minutes, ripped at 256kb/s, 131.6 MB.

Available for free with purchase of an LP. Thanks for the continued support.

Editions Shiflet Mixtape 05:
Shadow Cruiser

Half of this mix is sourced from old, unreleased projects that will in all likelihood never see the light of day, An Ugliness from 2006 and Alley Lurker from 2007/8. Their label homes came and went and in hindsight I'm not sure they really warrant full release. In small doses, however, they are quite alright. The other tracks include two excerpts of soon-to-be-released cassettes, a live recording and an improvised rehearsal take.

Similar to ES Mix 03, the fact that several tracks have shared origins lends an extra bit more coherence.

01. They Don't Have the Heart to Tell You (excerpt)
02. Alley Lurker (one)
03. Leaves Turn Inside Me (excerpt)
04. 10.27.9
05. An Ugliness (remix)
06. An Arrogance (remix)
07. Rehearsal
08. Alley Lurker (two)

Download HERE

More (very) soon.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Quartet Photos

I played on Saturday night with Ryan Jewell, Marina Peterson and Jason Zeh. Artist, photographer and all-around-awesome-human Dina Sherman snapped a few photos:

Additionally, the new ES mixtape will be up tonight or tomorrow. Commence breath holding.