Monday, June 25, 2012

Blurred & Scorched

  Blurred & Scorched by mshiflet

Bit of a blogging frenzy tonight. Catching up for lost time. Here's a track from a forthcoming release. That should do it for the evening.

Liminal 3" Mix

The gents at the The Liminal asked me to throw together a mix and I used it as an excuse to break out my not-listened-to-nearly-enough 3"s.

As  state in my introductory text on their site, the 3" format is/was absolutely perfect for experimental music and a couple of my favorite recordings ever were released in the format.  I am exceptionally proud of this set. Please head over to The Liminal Mix 17 page to stream or download it.

Thanks, Noise Park.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Songs About Leaving

I've put a couple old releases up on the Bandcamp site: Last of the American Sessions, the final recordings made in the US before leaving for Japan in 2005, and Shiso Epilogues, the final recordings made in Japan before returning to the US in 2007.

Stream them below and if you are so inclined follow the links to purchase/download.