Monday, March 17, 2014

Moving / Collected Audio

I've decided to close up shop here on Blogger and am moving to Tumblr in hopes of posting more frequency and expanding beyond just self-serving posting. If you are a member of that community, or just want to update your RSS feed, the new URL is

To close the doors on this blog, I figured I'd gather all the audio works I've posted here into one nice concise post. Here they are:

Solo Recordings
Logging Road, Feburary
Brief Blasts
((Noise) (5.12.10))
So Many Seashells, So Much Porcelain
Live at Art Damage 10.25.10
Sunday Afternoon
The City Is All In Your Head
2.4 Seconds for Christmas
The Future of Everything
Guitar, 6.3.11
Twin Karen Carpenters b/w The Trap
Open b/w Enemy
Monday Night Noise

Editions Shiflet Mixtapes
ES Mixtape 01
ES Mixtape 02
ES Mixtape 03
ES Mixtape 04
ES Mixtape 05
ES Mixtape 06
ES Mixtape 07
ES Mixtape 08

Scenic Railroads
Live at ErstQuake 3, September 2006
Gauntlet Closure
Negative Afterlife
Adequate Vibrations
Perform Cage & Cardew
Sidetracked in the Hairfield
Dedicated to the Staff of Cracked Magazine
Deconstruct a Sammich
Body Linguists

Collaborations, etc.
DJ Elitist Snob Mix
TV Pow & Mike Shiflet : Three Pricks and an Asshole
Nishikawa, Olive, Shiflet : Bridge
IHM ctrl_alt_del Mix
Kudler & Shiflet : Live on KUSF
Mike Shiflet & Sven Kahns : Carabar 08.10.11
Scenic Railroads, Jesse Kudler, Chandan Narayan, Chuck Sipperley : Without Ryan Jewell
Sword Pile (16 Bitch Pile-Up/Sword Heaven collab)

And of course there is even more to hear on my BANDCAMP and SOUNDCLOUD pages. Check them out as well. It's been real. Catch me on Tumblr.

Monday, March 3, 2014

The Choir, The Army up on Bandcamp

Under the Spire has started a bandcamp page and uploaded the bulk of their catalog, including my last full length LP The Choir, The Army. Check it, stream it, purchase it if you are so inclined: